Death of Democracy and Its Eventual Rebirth

Death of Democracy and Its Eventual Rebirth


Death of Democracy and its Eventual Rebirth was inspired by a meditation I did with my friend Mariah several years ago.  She was guiding the group  to visualize golden light surrounding the planet.  I was getting frustrated because I could not visualize this.  

What I saw instead was an eagle flying in a dark sky.  Next I saw the eagle get shot by an arrow and then the eagle died.  I  heard the word ghost dance and saw a white spirit rising from behind the eagle.  As I later painted what I remembered from the vision I realized that the spirit I saw was that of the eagle being reborn.

The feeling I got from this vision was that democracy had to die first  so that it could be reborn in a way to create world peace. Also I noticed that the eagle changed from being surrounded with darkness to filled with light.

There is a movement that exists to change darkness to light on the planet, specifically in America  much like how the eagle, America's symbol was transformed in my vision.  

This movement aligns with the energetic framework that the millions of lightworkers across the planet have been setting up for many years to help bring about positive world change.  As a result of this energetic change we will be able to live from our spirits and solve all of the problems plaguing humanity including war, hunger and disease.  I am very hopeful for the good we will see as we enter into 2019. 

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