Mary Magdalene Acrylic Ornament

Mary Magdalene Acrylic Ornament


2 3/4" acrylic ornament with image on front and back with white ribbon hanger.

 Message: Balance and Connection

The title of the painting from which the image was taken for the ornament is Mary Magdalene and the Awakening of the Divine Feminine. As I painted Mary Magdalene I felt that her image carried the energy of the divine feminine. The role of the divine feminine is to balance the male/female energy by restoring power to the female and empathy to the male. If you are drawn to this image you are seeking balance in your life. Restoring the balance of power and empathy will allow you to be more caring toward others as well as yourself. Once you restore balance within the self you are then able to understand the connection we have to our human family and life on the planet and you then be better able to reestablish this connection.

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