5 Reasons the World is Changing in a Positive Way

5 Reasons the World is Changing in a Positive Way

When I was young I spent a lot of time with my grandparents.  My grandfather was an avid reader who talked frequently about the books that he read.  More than any other of his talks I remember a line he often quoted from one of these books.  The line was from the author Frederick Langbridge who wrote, “Two men look out the same prison bars; one sees mud and the other sees stars”

This quote has stuck with me throughout my life.  The attitude difference depicted in it, is key to being able to see how the world is changing in a positive way.  It is all about perception, seeing life by looking at the stars instead of at the mud. There is an undercurrent of overwhelming good that exists in the world.  But like the man behind prison bars you have to look for it.

1.  We see the mess.

This may sound counterintuitive to say the world is changing in a positive way because we see how awful things are.  Yet this is a good thing because what we can see, we can change. We are now seeing things that have long been hidden so we have the opportunity to change them.  Examples of what we are seeing include the abuse of women and children, the negative state of the environment, unrelenting wars and the inequality of people. With awareness comes solutions and we are becoming more aware.  

2. Gardens are popping up everywhere, most of which are organic.

We are learning the value of eating clean, fresh fruits and vegetables that are locally grown and are sustainable.  One of the most revolutionary things that we can do is produce our own food. With large scale agriculture comes many negative issues; environmental degradation, human and animal abuse, and widespread negative health impacts.   The introduction of small local farms around the country and world is allowing people to take their power back by eating foods that bring them good health. Eating this way supports a system that eradicates human and animal abuse in the food industry, is sustainable and helps feed people in a more efficient way.

3.  Yoga, Reiki, meditation and other spiritual practices  are becoming commonplace.

Today many people are connecting to their spirits through spiritual practices.  In previous decades those who participated in these practices were often labeled as strange because these activities were not part of the societal norm.  Presently, spiritual practices are common and as a result, people are healing themselves and living more from their spirits. This shifts the perspective from the outside world  determining how we live to our inner world or spiritual voice instructing us how to live. From this shift in perspective massive change is beginning to occur. People are now questioning societal norms.  Why is there division between different groups of people? Why can’t we live in peace? Why are people not treated equally? Why are we destroying the environment and not valuing life on the planet?

4.  We are becoming more global, barriers are being broken down and we can see that humans are more alike than different.

When I was young I remember watching the Olympics, seeing some of the athletes participating in their sporting event and thinking that those athletes were enemies to the U.S. as their uniforms indicated they were from “enemy countries.”  Where would a child get such an idea? I realized this odd perception originated from watching the television news. This helped indoctrinate me into this belief that people in certain other countries were enemies.

Watching the news has a way of shaping people’s perceptions into a system of beliefs.  Television programming was very successful when tv was the main source of information for most people. With the introduction of the internet in the early nineties, the way people obtained information changed. The internet and social media opened a new stream of information and a new way to communicate.  We can now begin to see beyond the indoctrination. We can communicate freely with people throughout most of the world and can see the humanity we share. This ability to see other humans as being more alike than different is helping us to understand we are a global family.

5.  People are beginning to live from their authentic selves and are getting off the hamster wheel of life.  

Recently I created an Instagram account for my art business.  On Instagram I have discovered a world of people who have established and/ or are starting businesses in fields that showcase their talents and their authentic selves.   They are learning how to earn a living doing what they love. This is a marked difference from the career choices that existed before the internet where the job market was much more limited.  Most people settled for jobs that were not in synch with their talents and with what made them happy. The internet has opened up vast opportunities for people to have a career doing what they love.

I am a person who sees the stars, who is an idealist and who looks for the good in life.  Yet I believe through this idealism, I see life as it is meant to be.

Joanne Phillips