My first Mary painting "Great Mother of Compassion" became the inspiration to share Mother Mary's messages and energy  with others.

My first Mary painting "Great Mother of Compassion" became the inspiration to share Mother Mary's messages and energy  with others.

When I work on my Mary paintings I can feel the love from Mother Mary. The feeling I get is that humans have the power to end suffering on the planet through the love that we have inside of us.  Each commissioned piece begins with a message of love from Mother Mary to you.  When we access this divine love we are better equipped to share this love with the world.  After the reading is complete, I customize a unique painting with images associated with the messages that I received.  

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Commissioned Art FAQ

How are my commissioned paintings unique?

My artwork is the result of  messages I feel as I work. Therefore, unlike many artists I don’t paint what I see in front of me, but instead I paint what I intuitively feel. My paintings are completed using oil and/or acrylic on canvas or wood. Often I incorporate Swarovski crystals into my work to add multifaceted light to the painting. I meditate and pray over my paintings to fill them with healing, peaceful energy and love.

What sizes do the paintings come in?

small: 20” round canvas

medium: 18" x 24"  1/2" plywood or canvas

large: 24" x 36" on ½” plywood

These are approximate sizes. Because the work I do is intuitive, after the reading I might be drawn to get a slightly different size for your painting.

What are the prices for the paintings? (These prices are for an unframed painting.)

small: $700

medium: $1500

large: $3000

Because I integrate Swarovski crystals into most of my paintings the final price depends upon how many crystals are used. Again this varies from reading to reading.

How long does it take for the painting to be completed?

It takes approximately 2–3 months. It takes less time for the small paintings and longer for the larger ones. If your painting is completed with thousands of Swarovski crystals than it may take longer.

What is a “Certificate of Title?”

I include a Certificate of Title with all original work. A “Certificate of Title” guarantees the provenance of your painting and is required to establish the value of the painting. To be valid the Certificate of Title must detail the original work of art, have your contact information, the artist’s signature, and date.