About Joanne

There is a world of spirit that I see and feel that many other people do not.   I access this reality through my sixth or psychic sense.   This world is filled with love and peace and beckons us to remember it.  It is part of who we are and represents our highest potential.

I capture glimpses of this world in my art, my writing and my intuitive messages.   My work includes paintings of the Blessed Mother who is the symbol of love, angels and intuitive messages from spirit.

We all have the ability to connect with this world of spirit.  The goal of my art and intuitive readings is to bring awareness to the viewer of their indwelling spirit by awakening the love that is within.  This love radiates from our spirit, who we really are.

 Once we become aware of the love within, we can then plant the seeds of consciousness in others by helping to awaken them to their love, their authentic selves.  When enough of us are in a place where we are awakened to our love, our highest selves, we are then capable of creating peace on Earth.