My Intuitive Beginnings

Like the boy in the movie The Sixth Sense, I see dead people.   All of my life I have felt the presence of spirits around me. Sensing the presence of spirits is as natural to me as breathing.  They would talk to me and I talked to others about them. However, when I was a child my sixth sense was not received well because the people around me could not see and hear what I could. After a while I believed as I was told that what I saw and heard was just my imagination.

When the Teacher is Ready, the Student Appears

Many years later about two to three years into my high school teaching career, an event occurred in which my perception about my sixth sense would be tested. Jamie, a student in my biology class, sought me out one day after school to talk about a problem she was having. As she spoke I saw pictures in my mind as I often do, this time of a room with purple painted walls and a four-post bed with dark wood. I told her what I saw and asked if this room was in her home. She said it was her bedroom. Then I saw an image of an older woman in her room wearing a white nightgown. I felt that her name was Lillian and that Lillian was a person who had passed. Once more I told her what I saw and felt. Jamie said she didn’t know anyone by that name. Again I thought that my visions were largely a figment of my imagination.

Confirmation. You are a Psychic Joanne.

Jamie graduated and I did not see her until a year or two after graduation when she stopped by to visit me. After greeting me she said, “Mrs. Phillips you’re not going to believe this. A few months ago I met my father’s family for the first time. They told me I had a grandmother named Lilly who passed away several years ago! This is the name of the woman you saw standing in my bedroom.” This confirmed for me that what I had seen and heard my whole life was not just my imagination, it was communication with the world of spirit.

Now is the Time to Share Messages From the Spirit World.

After fifteen years of raising two children with my husband and working full time, I began painting again. I found that the spirit world came through in the visual images in my art. I could paint what it was that I was hearing and seeing. I decided to expand my gift from doing readings and paintings for friends and family only to a larger circle of people who are interested in receiving messages from spirit.

Messages of Love From Mother Mary

Mother Mary is the subject of many of my paintings. She appears in much of my work because her messages for humanity comes through in my paintings. She wants people to know that she is present in the world today and anyone who desires can turn to her for help. She wants the energy of her love to be felt by the world and to have the love she radiates help heal suffering on the planet.